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AD-RP.EU supplies tools for players to add their character(s), guild(s), and NPC(s) to our database. It will then be presented in an nice easy to browse list for everyone else to use.

As always, suggestions are welcome - just contact us.


AD-RP.EU is a place to find maps of the major RP zones with pins showing locations for player run shops, offices, barracks, bars and much, much, more.

No map for YOUR favourite RP zone? no problem at all. Request a map for a zone of your liking and if there is enough interest we will implement it.

Events & Calendar

AD-RP.EU has calendar system where people can add their upcoming events. Whether one off or recurring one. You can link the calendar with your other calendar apps via iCal.

Links and guides

AD-RP.EU has a long list of community links ready for your use. From Argent Archive, to official forums, to community discords to the King's Law.
If you are more into guides on how to RP, or make a great character, or other RP related guides - then we also link to those.

Something missing? Contact us.



Various links, divided into categories

Guild and community discords

Stormwind, community discord. (LINK)

Kul Tiras, community discord. (LINK)

Dalaran, community discord. (LINK)

RP_Announces discord. (LINK)

The Lion's Roar newspaper discord. (LINK)

RP guides

Useful links for beginners A guide to roleplaying in WoW. (LINK)

Price Guide for the Kul Tiras community. (LINK)

Forum thread about RP. (LINK)

This tumblr is pretty good for a lot of lesser known, quiet RP places. (LINK)

Compendium of Roleplay Guides [WIP]. (LINK)

A Handbook for Traders & Entertainers of all kind by Siavash. (LINK)

Links to commonly used RP addons, macros etc

Some tips for macros for roleplay. (LINK)

Listener (Addon). (LINK)

Elephant (Addon). (LINK)

TotalRoleplay3 (Addon). (LINK)

Musician (Addon). (LINK)

Community links

Argent Archives. (LINK)

The Kings Law (Office of Justice). (LINK)

Argent Dawn EU Roleplay Twitter. (LINK)

Random generators

Seventh Sanctum - lots of random generators. (LINK)

Various resources

Discord formatting. (LINK)

Canva. For making letters and posters. (LINK)

Guide to TRP3. (VIDEO)

Herbs of warcraft. (LINK)

Ores of warcraft. (LINK)


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